Fun, impactful programes for artists of all ages. Everyone enjoys Art when they are given opportunities for creative challenge and structures for success. That is what Paron School of Art provides.


Since opening in 2014, we are proud to have supported over 800 students, from both International and Thai schools, in their artistry. Our students have different motivations for seeking professional art education: some want to be here because they simply enjoy the opportunity to explore their own creativity; others seek high quality teaching to support them to get on the right track to success in a subject that is important to them.

Whatever their age or experience, our students are appropriately challenged and celebrated in their artistry. They are encouraged to take risks and to think of themselves not merely as art makers, but also as designers, innovators and thinkers. We are thrilled to be able to witness our students becoming happier, balanced, more engaged people and we believe that this confidence is transferable to other educational areas.


Paron Mead is a Thai-British art educator, painter and community artist.
He grew up in Bangkok and London to a family of artists, performers and academics. On completing his studies in Design at Central Saint Martins, London, he went on to work as a set designer for theatre, opera, dance and film productions before taking a PGCE teaching qualification at the University of Sunderland, UK

The thread of art, community and education has been a running theme in Paron’s life. He has been an artist in resident, delivering youth arts engagement programmes, has put on school productions, as well as guest lecturing on a number of undergraduate programmes, both in Bangkok and London.

Whether as an artist or educator, his work is full of fun, life and vigour. He believes in the power of art, in the inherent creativity of our Bangkok environment and that high quality art education should be more accessible than it currently is. With this very intention, Paron School of Art opened in 2014.

Aside from his work at the school, Paron is also an art department staff member and curriculum consultant at Harrow International School, Bangkok.


We are a group of passionate and experienced art educators who are committed to the delivery of high quality programmes for young and aspiring artists in Bangkok.

The Paron School of Art is a bright, welcoming and professional studio space designed to provide exceptional learning opportunities in Art & Design. The school includes two functioning studio spaces as well as an arts library.

We are situated in central Bangkok, near the Emporium on Sukhumvit Soi 26. Parking is available nearby and there is a café on the ground floor that serves as a waiting space for parents.