“Hi Everyone. Paron here. Thanks for dropping by! We have a beautiful studio and gorgeous programmes of classes which we know that you are going to love.”

We understand Art and how to get the best out of our students. By offering age-appropriate programmes we are able to develop artists both technically and creatively, presenting rich engagement opportunities across a variety of art-making practices.

Each class is composed of multiple tried and tested approaches to art education, and has gained its structure from the British national curriculum, delivered in a fun, dynamic way.

We love showering our students with inspiration, individualized instruction and a lot of personal attention, which is reflected in our class size. Student artists at every level are welcome, including absolute beginners. Our classes are led in English and caters to 4 age groups: 4+, 7+, teens and adults.



Everyone needs the time and space to express themselves and our unique community of weekend classes offer student artists a welcome break from the school week.

We want all of our students to be empowered and excited by art and have created a number of programmes that deliver on just that. The focus of our weekend classes is to offer a unique perspective on the subject whilst giving students the tools, processes, ideas and access to a professional studio environment. In this way we hope to extend their creative process in a way that they might not get at home.

Students can join us for a stand-alone class or programmes delivered over a series of consecutive weekends. Let us know if we can assist in helping you find the perfect class for you or your young artist.


5-day camps, catering to the 7+, 11+, and 14+ age groups, take place during all major International and Thai school holidays. Student artists are guided through dynamic project outlines and are challenged to respond to the exercises with bold, original outcomes. Students are supported in the refinement of their technical practice as well as being exposed to new, creative processes in the world of art.

A crucial element to our holiday camps is the reinforcement of art appreciation. Students might, for example, take a figure from Picasso, a dress silhouette from McQueen and a background inspired by Mexican prints, in order to create their own original sculpture.

Students finish a camp programme with a total of 7 or 8 finished projects and leave thinking of themselves as artists, designers, innovators and creators. Our holiday programmes are curated to support the belief that if art education is delivered in the right way, students will develop creative confidence that will be transferable to other educational areas. Art truly is in everything.

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Our portfolio preparation programmes enables our teen artists to the next level of technical and creative proficiency. The programme enables every student to bridge the gap between their current skill level and the knowledge and experience required for entry onto further studies in Art and Design. Student artists are supported in the generation of a beautiful, meaningful and individualised portfolio that best reflects him or her as an artist.

This includes observational, analytical and research skills, the control of materials and processes in the realisation of ideas, the capacity to evaluate your work and the work of others. We also provide expert advice about application and interview processes.

Paron has more than 9 years’ experience supporting students within the IGCSE, A-level and IB Art programmes and will extend students at every level of their coursework and examination studies. Our students have gone on to accept places at Central Saint Martins and Chelsea School of Art, in the UK, Parsons School of Design, US and SCAD, Hongkong. Students have also collected “Best in the World” and “Best in Thailand” titles at recent Cambridge examinations. 


Our adult classes are designed to ignite your creativity – whatever your background or existing skill level. You will be supported into thinking and creating like an artist. Fun and structured exercises offer step-by-step guidance into creating beautiful works of art that you will love.

Choose between a one-off class or a programme over consecutive weeks. Each class is framed around a compelling subject matter, a reference artist and focuses on a different aspect of drawing or painting practice. Student artists will work across a variety of materials, scale, subject, focus and finish a programme with a portfolio of artworks and boosted creative confidence.

No previous experience is required but a willingness to trying out new processes and of getting messy is a must! Check our timetable for upcoming dates for our Art & Wine, Anyone Can Draw & Anyone Can Paint classes

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These wonderful, fun events are open to all ages and run throughout the year on request. Each party is tailored to each individual family’s needs. We start by finding out about the interests of the celebrated child/adult, or of the group. You can choose two activities from a huge range and we then tailor the party accordingly.

We have run birthday parties, hen nights, corporate events, multi course art-dinner parties. A list of our recent parties is as follows:

– A Star Wars themed painting party for a 7 year old Jedi!
– A bachelorette party where every participant created a ‘jigsaw’                                                              tile which become a complete piece of work for the bride-to-be.
– A chance for the whole family to join in making. Mum, dad, granny                                                      or best friends welcome.